Invited Speakers (alphabetical order):

Patrick Antolin: Wave Heating and Waves as Diagnostic Tools
Luis R. Bellot Rubio: Flux Tubes, Horizontal Fields, Intra-Network Fields
David Brooks: Origins of Slow Solar Wind, AR Outflow
Lyndsay Fletcher: Flare Observations (Energy Release, Emission from Flares)
Andrew Hillier: Prominences (Structures, Flows)
James A. Klimchuk: Nanoflare Heating (Theory, Observations)
Bruce Lites: Solar-Cycle Variations in Magnetic Fields
Tiago Pereira: Spicules
Kathy Reeves: Initiation of CMEs
Masumi Shimojo and Daikou Shiota: Polar Region Activities
Sami Solanki: Conference Summary
Alphonse Sterling: Jets (Small-Scale Mass Ejections)
Yingna Su: Flare Energy Buildup (Theory, Observations)
Sanjiv Tiwari: Sunspot Structures
Shin Toriumi: Emerging Flux
Harry Warren: Active Region Structures (Loops, Coronal Holes, DEMs)