Nobeyama Radioheliograph Science Nuggets
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14 Localized Microwave and EUV Bright Structures in an Eruptive
  Jing Huang, Baolin Tan, Satoshi Masuda, Xin Cheng, Susanta Kumar Bisoi, Victor Melnikov   2019/5/23 NoRHSN014
13 Association of radio polar cap brightening with bright patches and coronal holes   Kenfichi Fujiki, Kiyoto Shibasaki, Seiji Yashiro, Munetoshi Tokumaru, Kazumasa Iwai, Satoshi Masuda   2019/2/15 NoRHSN013
12 Properties of quasi-periodic pulsations in solar flares from a single active region   Chlo"e Pugh, Valery M. Nakariakov, Anne-Marie Broomhall, Andrey V. Bogomolov, and Irina N. Myagkova   2018/2/13 NoRHSN012
11 Association of radio polar cap brightening with bright patches and coronal holes   Caius L. Selhorst, Paulo J. A. Sim˜oes, Alexandre J. Oliveira e Silva,
C. G. Gim'enez de Castro, Joaquim E. R. Costa, and Adriana Valio
  2018/2/6 NoRHSN011
10 Comparison of solar radio and EUV synoptic limb charts during the present solar maximum   Alexandre J. Oliveira e Silva, Caius L. Selhorst, Paulo J. A. Sim~oes, and C. G. Gim'enez de Castro   2018/2/6 NoRHSN010
9 Features of Microwave Radiation and Magnetographic Characteristics of Solar Active Region NOAA 12242 before the X1.8 Flare on December 20, 2014   V.E.Abramov-Maximov, V.N.Borovik, L.V.Opeikina, A.G.Tlatov, L.V.Yasnov   2017/12/14 NoRHSN009
8 Thermal and Nonthermal Emissions of a Composite Flare Derived From NoRH and SDO Observations   Jeongwoo Lee, Stephen M. White, JuJing, Chang Liu, Satoshi Masuda, Jongchul Chae   2017/12/11 NoRHSN008
7 Quasi-periodic acceleration of electrons in the flare on 2012 July 19   Jing Huang   2016/11/8 NoRHN007
6 Microwave observations of a large-scale coronal wave with the Nobeyama radioheliograph   Alexander Warmuth, Kiyoto Shibasaki, Kazumasa Iwai, & Gottfried Mann   2016/8/9 NoRHSN006
5 Observation of a Quasiperiodic Pulsation in Hard X-Ray, Radio, and Extreme-ultraviolet Wavelengths   Pankaj Kumar, Valery M. Nakariakov, Kyung-Suk Cho   2016/6/23 NoRHSN005
4 Microwave Imaging of a Hot Flux Rope Structure During the Pre-impulsive Stage of an Eruptive M7.7 Solar Flare   Zhao Wu, Yao Chen, Guangli Huang, Hiroshi Nakajima, Hongqiang Song, Victor Melnikov, Wei Liu, Gang Li, Kalugodu Chandrashekhar, and Fangran Jiao   2016/3/25 NoRHSN004
3 Coronal Magnetic Fields Derived from Simultaneous  Microwave and  EUV Observations and Comparison with the Potential Field Model   Shun Miyawaki, Kazumasa Iwai, Kiyoto Shibasaki, Daikou Shiota,  and Satoshi Nozawa   2016/2/16 NoRHSN003
2 Chromospheric Sunspots in the Millimeter Range as Observedby the Nobeyama Radioheliograph   Kazumasa Iwai, Hideki Koshiishi, Kiyoto Shibasaki, Satoshi Nozawa, Shun Miyawaki, and Takuro Yoneya   2016/2/3 NoRHSN002
1 Short-Duration Eruptive Flare and Particle Acceleration   Nariaki Nitta, ISSI Science Team "The Connection Between Coronal Shock Wave Dynamics and Early SEP Production"    2015/12/23 NoRHSN001