The International Consortium for the Continued Operation of Nobeyama Radioheliograph (ICCON)

Nobeyama Radioheliograph

Nobeyama Radioheliograph (NoRH) is a radio interferometer specially designed to observe the full disk of the Sun at 17 and 34 GHz. Eighty-four antennas with a diameter of 80 cm were installed along a T-shape baseline (North - South: 250 m, East - West: 500 m). The spatial resolution is about 10 arcseconds and 5 arcseconds in 17 GHz and 34 GHz, respectively. The time resolution of NoRH is typically 1 second and 0.1 second for the event mode. NoRH continuously observes the full sun for about eight hours (22:30 - 6:30 UT) every day. The system has been quite stable and NoRH data are available in the period more than 99 % out of the total possible operational window. The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) has successfully operated NoRH during these two decades. From April 2015, the Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory, Nagoya University (now Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research, ISEE) will operate NoRH as a representative of the International Consortium for the Continued Operation of Nobeyama Raidoheliograph (ICCON).


11 December 2018: The schedule of NoRH_CO is updated.
25 July 2018: Paper list related with NoRH since 2015 is updated.
5 April 2018: The operation of NoRH stopped in the midde of February 2018. Finally NoRH has resumed observations on 5 April 2018.
16 February 2018: 'NoRH Flares with and without CMEs' is updated.
14 February 2018: NoRH Science Nuggets is updated.
13 September 2016: The NoRH_CO manual is updated.
6 May 2016: International Meeting
   Solar Physics with Radio Observations - Continued Operation of Nobeyama Radioheliograph -
9 March 2016: Partial Solar Eclipse
   Radio images on March 9, 2016

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Data Use Policy

Data are free to use. When one wrote a paper using NoRH data taken after April, 2015, he/she should thank ICCON in the Acknowledgement section of the paper.

Samples of Acknowledgements: NoRH Data Archive at NAOJ

Data Analysis Manual (PDF)

NoRH Science Nuggets

NoRH Science Nuggets (updated on 14 February 2018)

Paper list

Paper list related with NoRH since 2015

Nobeyama Solar Radio Observatory Bibliography (NAOJ site)

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